Meet our wonderful Staff

The classes are small and the teachers dedicated to the individual needs of their pupils.
We have a wonderful reputation for providing a quality education in a happy, loving environment where children can prosper and enjoy their primary school years.
Our staff is a group of qualified committed teachers, dedicated to the individual heads of their pupils.
We share a common good of providing quality education and serving the interest of every child in both extra & co-curricular activities. We work well together mainly because of our different characteristics and personal style, which compliment each other thus enriching each school day to it’s maximum.

Mrs. Creighton – Founder, Owner, Director & previous Headmistress

Mrs Carolyn Creighton the owner of The Beaches Primary has taught for many years in all four provinces, Swaziland and overseas.She has a remedial teaching background and always felt there was a need for a mainstream school which catered for the needs of Remedial children as well.A school which would provide a quality education in caring, loving surroundings where children would be happy and enjoy school.This led to the opening of The Beaches Primary School in January 2000 in premises practically on the beach which resulted in the name “The Beaches”
The present school was built and financed entirely by Mrs Creighton and opened its doors in September 2011.
Although Mrs Creighton no longer participates in the daily running of the school she is still very committed and “hands on” in the background always there to advise,encourage accolade and praise.
She is very grateful for and proud of the Headmistress, Deputy Head, H.O.D. and all the teachers and staff who work so devotedly upholding the vision, ethos and reputation of The Beaches which she worked so hard to establish over many years.
Mrs Creighton remains passionate about the school and the well being  of the wonderful teachers , children and parents at The Beaches Primary.

Mrs. Knapp – Headmistress

I love teaching and making a difference in all my students lives.
Working and interacting with them gives me such joy and personal fulfillment. I thrive on stimulating the minds of children and helping them learn new things everyday. I am honored that I fundamentally  am preparing these children for High School.

Mrs. Munthree – Deputy Headmistress

Teach a child how to think not what to think!
The mediocre teacher tells and the good teacher explains. I consider myself neither, I strive to be a “great” teacher because I live to inspire. Therein lies the magic of teaching… To give a child a reason to come to school each day because he/she wants to be inspired in order to also become – “great” one day.

Miss. Khoury – Grade R

Teaching is my passion and from a young age, I knew that my purpose in life was to teach. I have been teaching for many years. I have spent half my teaching career in Grade R, and I thoroughly enjoy this grade. I always strive to make my lessons fun and interactive for the children. It brings me so much joy to watch each child progress and I feel honored to have the responsibility of preparing them for Grade 1.

Miss. Kroft – Grade 1

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character and future of an individual. If children grow up to remember me as a good teacher, that would be the biggest honor for me.

Mrs. Verster –  Grade 1

HOD – Junior Primary Department
I get to build the educational  foundation for the child that is very important as they progress through academic life.
My job keeps me young as I get to relive my childhood through my students daily. It is my ultimate creative outlet. I love this age group. I take my job very seriously because I have to be a big influence in the children’s development and am tasked with personifying an early development role model.

Miss. De Jager – Grade 2

From a young age I loved to help and encourage those younger than myself to learn and to grow so they could reach their full potential. I knew early on there was no other profession for me then to teach. I regard it a great privilege to be a part of shaping lives.

Miss. Neethling – Grade 3

Teaching has been my passion for the last 15 years. I love to see children reaching their full potential and feeling secure in their own abilities. It brings me so much joy at the end of each year to see students who have worked diligently throughout the year, well prepared for their new grade, then I know I have done my job well. It is an honor to teach your child.

Mrs. Pillay – Grade 4

I have 14 years teaching experience. I taught in Gauteng for most of my career and recently located to Kwazulu Natal. I am proud to be part of the Beaches Family, where I can share my passion and knowledge for education. I strive to achieve excellent results in the classroom and unlocking the potential in every child.

Mrs. Thaver – Grade 5

My passion for all things teaching has lead me down this fantastic 25 year journey.
I love working with children and believe that I truly was born with the ability to make a difference in a child’s life. I impart the gifts that I was blessed with on others and this brings me immense joy. I look forward to everyday and every adventure at our school.
Mr. Chetty – Teacher Assistant & Sports Coordinator
Uncle Mandla – Groundskeeper
Mandla maintains our beautiful forest gardens.
As our “Mr fix-it” he keeps the grounds and buildings spick and span. Always a willing helper and adored by our children.
Auntie Martha – School Custodian
Martha joined The Beaches Primary School in 2011.
She looks after us all – Teachers and children alike in the most caring and cheerful way.