How Should I Prepare For School?

My baby is going to big school! (#screamingemoji), what if their not happy, what if they get bullied, what if they feels lost, what if they have an accident, what if we forget lunch, what if I end up a nervous wreck. These thoughts go through every moms mind as the first day of grade one approaches. New beginnings can be tough. Consider what your child will experience when they’re thrust into an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people doing unfamiliar activities. Just needing to ask to go to the toilet may be a scary thing.

So how do you prepare your little munchkin to be ready, to be bold, to face the day head on with confidence. 8/10 times it is usually the parents that end up crying, not the kiddies, but we are here to help you be more prepared.

  1. After the usual pep talk about how much you love your little one and how great it will be and how many friends they are going to make, it is maybe a good idea to get your little one a ‘’chee-chee’’, “a lucky keepsake’’ something that they can hold, show and tell and make them feel like they have something special with them. Like a pencil that they picked out themselves or a lunchbox they picked out in their Favorited color. Its maybe not a great idea to send the hamster with on the first day.
  2. Packing a special lunch together in the morning will also ensure that you ‘’amp’’ them up a little more. Maybe have them pick their favorites to go into their lunch box. It gives them something to share with a friend (thereby making a new friend) and at the same time something to look forward to if they are not so comfortable with the new school-move.
  3. If they have a favorite teddy or dog, they can maybe ride along to school to say goodbye and that could also be a form of comfort.
  4. Don’t drop and go! Make sure your boss is aware of the fact that it is first day and you will be late for work. Traffic is usually hectic at school on the first day, and it is not advised for you to drop your little one off and not get out! Walk them to their class, hold their hand if they ‘’want’’ you to, and be supportive. If you do see another child that is friends with your child from pre-prep walk towards them and encourage your child by saying something like ‘’see, josh is also here, you guys are going to have lots of fun’’.
  5. Don’t get caught off guard. Be prepared. Buy all the stationary your child will need maybe around the time all the stores are clearing out space for Christmas goodies, that way you will definitely find some bargains and that part of getting school ready will be done.
  6. Join mom groups on Facebook in your area, if you are not going to buy all the school clothes new, there are always mommies selling their school uniforms that are too small. They will also be happy to give you advice on the school, aftercare, homework tips etc. You are not alone.
  7. Make sure you have downloaded your D6 app onto your phone as well, most schools offer the D6 app – it keeps you informed of changes in routines, posts pics of events, and your child’s homework can be found on there as well.
  8. Go to school early to fetch your child. There are always lots of moms that are early, start a conversation about the school day, soon enough you will find that you feel better too, it is emotionally hard on mommies too. You will find that soon you won’t be talking about the frightening experience but about play-dates for your kiddies and upcoming baker bakers.

Enjoy the journey and love every moment.